Vinegar… This Household Item is a Show Off!

Lately every time I try to remove a stain or gunk from a surface and I Google natural remedies [since I have a little one who manages to put everything in her mouth] vinegar is the #1 hit! As it turns out vinegar truly has many talents. It reminds me of “My big fat Greek wedding” when the father in law believes Windex is the solution to everything. Vinegar is a household show off!

Typically you’d consider Lysol, Clorox or generic versions when you think of household cleaners. These products do the job, but they can leave behind a sticky film or chemical that isn’t ideal. With the rise of all natural and antibacterial products, the consumer industry is constantly uncertain. But vinegar is a long standing asset. 

[Vinegar has been traced back to Egypt in the year 3000 BC! How’s that for Research & Development? Take that Procter and Gamble :)]

Here is a short list I’ve compiled [and many I tried]:

Cooking: (of course)
Vinegar is often found in European and Asian cuisines.
1) Salad dressing – hence Balsamic Vinaigrette
2) Pasta sauce – unlike oil, vinegar fuses with the pasta enhancing the taste
3) Rice preparation – uses on Sushi and other Asian dishes 4) Condiment – popular on fish and chips
5) Potato salad – often used for German dishes

Whether is it internal or external, it is has many uses for the human body.

1) Cuts, scrapes or bug bites – Itching? dab a little white distilled vinegar on the area.
2) Dieting – Apple Cider Vinegar is often used as a diet controller or cleanser. I’ve used it for an immunity booster when my throat is sore too!

3) Aftershave – replace that $6 Gillette bottle with a $1 vinegar, it will smell great! OK, maybe not, but if you are in a pinch it will do the trick!

Breaking news in June 2013, vinegar litmus tests have been shown to predict cancer cells and save lives of thousands. Read more here.

NOTE: Most consumer sold vinegar is between 5-10% acidity. Anything found above 10% acidity should be used with caution when ingesting as it can burn the esophagus.

1) Drain un-clogger: I often slack on unclogging the shower drain for the past few days and lately instead of pick ing up some Draino, I walked over to the corner store and picked up white vinegar. Following the instructions at, I was able to easily remove the gunk with baking soda, vinegar and hot water! The best part is that the all- natural ingredients won’t hurt the pipes. [Actually the best part was the small explosion that amused me like an 8 year old.]

2) Surface cleaner: Whether it be your kitchen counter, bathroom tub, car dashboard or windows, diluted vinegar does a fantastic job at cleaning all hard surfaces. This also includes hardwood floors! If you have young ones, using vinegar and water as your main cleaning agent will reduce toxins in the air and allow you to worry less about accidental ingestion.

3) Stain remover: It amazes me, you can even treat stains with vinegar before washing. Ketchup, mustard, sauce – you name it! I recently removed grease stains from a cotton shirt with dial soap soaking and washing it away with vinegar.

4) Fruit fly terminator: If you have a problem with fruit flies, put a small dish of vinegar out and it will eliminate them! I am trying that one tonight…

Falling into the “Expert Shopper” demographic, I also like to compare prices. Luckily the all natural products are extremely cheap! In fact, there is no use in purchasing the “Green” products that use vinegar as a base, when you can make your own for less.

Check out this popular blogger, Lauren, who is healing her body by using only natural solutions to cleaning, toiletries and delicious recipes!

You will find a lot of honey, coconut and natural oils in her concoctions.  I am addicted to using non-alcoholic witch hazel for clearing up my skin now.

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